Meet your facilitators, teachers and fellow practitioners that are currently collaborating on and creating our schedule! Here is a brief interview with each of them! 


Name: Veronica
Pronouns: She/Her
Currently teaching: My Anatomy Yin Yoga Wednesdays 7:15pm EST with Greta Rose
Veronica, what do you love about yoga? 
Many things, but the relationship between yoga and community is the most inspiring and meaningful part. 
What are you currently studying?
I am a massage therapist, and I am interested in movement science, injury rehabilitation, pain science, and somatic awareness. I teach Yin Yoga because for me, it taps into these subjects. I can't stop studying it, and the more I study it the more I love sharing/teaching it!
How folks can find more out about you? 
Find me on instagram @veronicadye :-)

Name: Niv

Pronouns: They/She

Currently teaching: Half Hour Home Flow on Tuesdays at 9am (& Greta teaches Thursday!)

Niv, what do you love about yoga?

I love that yoga helps me face my inner demons while giving me friends at the same time!!

What are you currently studying?

Some of my life long studies include documenting the experience of this queer brown body, poetry as a form of healing, the blessing/burden of an Indian family, and how to feed myself regularly. The thing I want to learn most, though, is how to be on my phone less.

How folks can find more out about you? 

Follow me at @thekittenwithin and I also teach/make zines for @liberationflow!


Name: Cindy
Pronouns: (she/they)
Currently teaching: vinyasa, yin yoga, and myofascial release. Currently, I’m teaching a myofascial release workshop series called Tissue Connection.
Cindy, what do you love about yoga?
I love yoga as a way of grounding and healing my relationship to my body. 
What are you currently studying?
I’m into studying anatomy, fascia/connective tissue, five element meridian theory, and the nervous system. 
Where can we find you?
You can find me on instagram @cindythesomanaut
Name: Greta Rose Heller
Pronouns: she/they
Currently teaching: My Anatomy: Yin, Half Hour Home Flow, Tuesday at noon Vinyasa, Lunar Yoga Nidra 
Greta Rose, what do you love about yoga?
Everything. The rich cultural context with its origin in India. The movement. The attention it harnesses. The awareness, proprioception and embodiment it lays the foundation for. Also the Hindu goddesses are so powerful and cool. 
What are you currently studying?
How can I live my yoga practice through my actions, expressions and communication (some current remedies entail: pushing social change, abolition, emergent strategy, meditation and being really mindful of how I’m in relationship with anyone and everything.)
I love studying anatomy because it helps me speak to the intention of a pose which is unique for everyone and less about meeting an expectation or pre-determined mold. 
Also I have been diving deep into yin with Veronica Dye for awhile now!
How folks can find more out about you?
Visit my yoga website: www.gretaheller.com
Follow on Instagram: Gr3tarose 
Stream my show on the KEXP archives: 
Name: Emily 
Pronouns: she/they
Currently teaching: Vinyasa, Lunar Yin and Yoga Nidra, Ecstatic Peace, Yoga Study, POSEUROBICS
Emily, what do you love about yoga? 
I love that it is a practice. I love that it keeps revealing things to me that feel really magical. I am constantly learning. I love that it keeps me connected to my body. Yoga philosophy and yogic meditation have always been my main interest. And of course I love that it brought me into this kind of energy in community :) 
What are you currently studying?
I am in school right now for certification in Somatic Experiencing. I am studying healing trauma at the level of the nervous system. I am also studying Samkhya with Poseurs in yoga study, which is a wonderful compliment to all of the studying of our human survival responses and how that shaped/shapes evolution. And my own sense of consciousness, always. 
Where can people find you?
Instagram @poseursyoga @somagicks
Name: Chelb McMurray
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
Currently Teaching: Poseurobics, occasional vinyasa sub
Chelb, what do you love about yoga?
The history and philosophy. The magic. OM.
What are you currently studying?
Soaking up all of the magic and tarot knowledge I can as I build my professional tarot reading offerings! Also, digging into academic texts on gender as a social construct.
How folks can find more out about you?
Through my Instagram (@chelbawamba), where I post about tarot reading updates and custom prayer candles! And, like, abolishing the police and capitalism and stuff.
Name: Milda Bandza
Pronouns: she/her or they/them
Currently Teaching: Spinal Tapas
Milda, what you love about yoga? 
The subversiveness and the Sanskrit.
What are you currently studying? 
Currently studying the Upanishads, as well as crochet, abolitionism, mutual aid, and I’m a lifelong student of dance & movement.
How folks can find more out about you?
Instagram / Twitter: @ohmilda
Tik Tok: @badlim
Name: David Petrusich
Pronouns: He/him/his
Currently Teaching: Lunar Yin & Yoga Nidra
David, what you love about yoga? 
It's power to integrate my physical, mental, and energetic states - I truly rely on some form of yoga to flow through my day.
What are you are currently studying?
 Kundalini Yoga and Evidential Mediumship 
How folks can find more out about you?
Visit my website davidpetrusich.com or find me on IG / TikTok @psychic__af.  Additionally, you can listen to my podcast, An Atlared View, on multiple platforms!