Lets hang out! August 02 2019

New Class Alert! August 02 2019

Hey friends! We have a new class starting at the end of this month in West Seattle! Stoked! Mark your calendars and we will see you on the other side of the bridge! 

Monthly Yoga for Cyclists at The Bikery! May 28 2019

Hey friends! Check out this cool collaboration we are in with The Bikery! Now that the weather is nice I am sure there will be some mindful rides incorporated into the mix. Cool! 

So. Much. New. Shit. May 28 2019

Hi! Poseurs is love. Things are moving and shaking and staying rad here is Poseur land and I am so so so excited for all the new classes we are offering. I also want to say that these offerings are made possible by the amazing teachers that collaborate with Poseurs to create an alternative to yoga studio culture and keep things inclusive and accessible- and radical. Yoga is radical. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for practicing with us. 

Check out all these new classes and more events on our live google calendar (under the "classes" tab). See ya in practice!

Special Guest Poseur Jessica Snow is coming! April 15 2019

Last year for Christmas one of my students gave me a beautiful red book with the number 99 etched in gold on the cover. It is a lovely collection of 99 visions from the creative and friendly mind of author and radical, Jessica Snow. 

Months later I get hit up on instagram by "mediation Jess", referred to Poseurs by one of the most boss witches I know, Marcella Kroll. Jess explains that she will be visiting Seattle and was hoping to collaborate with Poseurs. Small world.

I am super excited about this event! Please come and be a part of it!


Join us for a 1 hour guided crystal meditation with Jessica Snow and Poseurs! Upon arrival you’ll get your crystal, then settle in for a highly pleasurable guided meditation that will tune us to that stone’s wisdom and power as well as our own! This is a pay-what-you-can community event, crystal included. No experience necessary, everyone is welcome - a great event to share with friends.

Feel free to bring a mat or a cushion to sit on.

Space and supplies are limited to 25 people. Please RSVP to Poseurs if you are attending.

Sliding scale $10 - $25

For more about Jessica Snow visit . For more about crystal meditation with Jessica Snow visit


EAR CANDY April 02 2019

Hey Community!

Our beloved Brodus has done it again with this super rad mix "Lovers and Husslers" which feels very appropriate these days!  Cheers to the hustle, to staying in the game, to showing up again and again and again, to seeking love, to healing and supporting each other and a good fucking mix on the headphones. Step inside their world of adventure and curiosity with this mystery pop mix and see what manifests for you! Thanks Brodus we love you!!!



Serpentwithfeet - Whisper

Deep Forest - Lullaby (Ambient Mix)

Princess Nokia - Young Girls

Röyksop & Robyn - Monument

Bomba Estéreo - Siembra

Shabazz Palaces - Motion Sickness

New Forms - Roni Size & Reprazent

Mariah Carey - Fantasy

Work It - Marie Davison

Excellent - Princess Nokia

Hussel- M.I.A. Feat. Afrikan Boy

Bomba Estéreo - Money Money Money

Sinkane - Warm Spell

Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You

Robyn - Baby Forgive Me

IAMDDB - Urban Jazz


DOPE MOMENTS April - June 2019!!! April 02 2019

Hey Friends! I am so proud of us! We raised $550 for Pike Market Food Bank and had 3 amazing volunteer sessions where we learned more about the demand for food in our city, accessibility and packed 500 no-cook bag for folks who don't have access to a kitchen. We will FOR SURE be collaborating with PMFB again in the near future!
Our second quarter of Dope Moments is in support of ROOTS and there will be more volunteer opportunities to come! Until then see you on the mat!
ROOTS has been serving young people experiencing homelessness since 2000- they were the first shelter in the city that specifically addressed the needs of homeless youth. It is estimated that over 1,000 young people are homeless on any given night in King County, and many more unstably housed (couch surfing, living in their cars). Youth experiencing homelessness are more likely to identify as LGBTQIA than their housed peers and much more likely to have experienced sexual violence (40%) and physical violence (60%) in the home. Based in the U-District, ROOTS provides safe overnight shelter for young adults aged 18-25. Youth seeking shelter at ROOTS are provided with breakfast and dinner, showers, clothing, toiletries, access to case managers and supportive adults. Every Friday ROOTS hosts a “Friday Night Feast” an all ages meal served at the shelter and open to anyone in the community who would like to attend. The feast provides restaurant quality meals via food donations and volunteer labor. We are so pleased to be supporting this amazing local charity this quarter during Dope Moments. Your donations will go to provide meals, supplies, and a welcoming safe place for young people. We will be working with ROOTS to set up some volunteer days for Poseurs in the coming month- Stay tuned for more information on volunteer days- and join us for Dope Moments! Every Thursday, 6:15pm, All Levels Vinyasa, Give Whatever You Can Afford, April- June, All Bodies Welcome!! Thanks to the generosity of our Poseurs community we now have mats and blocks you can borrow during class :).

7:30am class cancelled! February 04 2019

Joey is stuck in the snow! We will resume class tonight at 6:15! Stay cozy!

Tuesdays in February are switching up! January 14 2019

Hey Community! Our beloved teacher Rosie is moving to new adventures in her teaching practice, and will no longer be available to teach for us on Tuesdays starting next month. You can still find Rosie teaching regularly at 8 Limbs Yoga here in Seattle and she will still be on our schedule from time to time. As transition can be a bit bumpy and tough, I decided to take Rosie's time slot in the month of February to run some special classes and events. Keep your eye on the schedule and take advantage of these special offerings. Lets make Lemonade out of this unfolding and use it as an opportunity to try new things. We will bring back a regularly scheduled vinyasa class at that time starting in March. We love you Rosie! 

Dope Moments 2019 December 29 2018

Hey Community! 

Since starting up our Dope Moments programming here at Poseurs, we have learned so much about what it means to be a yogi in this western world and how greatly our behaviors and intentions matter. Not only is it great to practice yoga with a group of people who also work for more social change, but for me, and I feel like for many others in our community, it has helped to evolve what yoga means, and what having a yoga practice means. Yoga is rooted in Ahimsa, non-harming. We can practice this first on our mat, noticing where we harm ourselves by not being present to our authenticity, by being totally disconnected from our hearts when moving, by learning kindness and compassion toward our physical body, confidence and courage and creativity in our embodiment. Strength. Patience. Grace. Not demanding and forcing ourselves into postures/attitudes. Ahimsa means that when we notice injustice, violence, fear, hatred, greed-  we work ACTIVELY toward equity. Balance. Samasthiti. 

We did a lot of good in 2018 in our Dope Moments classes. We raised almost $3,000.00 for various amazing organizations that do so much work - most of it volunteer work, to work toward ahimsa. They may not call it that, but that is what it is. And that is yoga in action. Where the well being of all is what matters, and every action you get to take toward that is a sacred action of yoga. 

Starting this year our charities will rotate quarterly, the first one being Pike Market Food Bank and not only will our weekly class raise money to help support their work, but we, YES WE POSEURS, will be going onsite to their facilities once a month and offer our time by volunteering. This is a GREAT way to really get to know the people behind the mission, to learn, to get a different perspective, to be with community and meet new people, to offer your practice off the mat by helping- by showing up in a new way. These volunteer dates will be on our calendar, and also posted with the quarterly blog, and in the zine. Please sign up and lets spend some time together as community! 

We are so so so so so stoked for Dope Moments 2019. Can you tell? Aren't you? We are so grateful to all the teachers that continue to donate their time and energy into this program. We are so grateful to all of you that come and practice with us and for these amazing organizations. This is what's up. Let's make magic. 

Sign up to volunteer with us at or the sign up sheet in class!!! We are hoping for 10 volunteers at each one. More are welcome! 


Wednesday, January 23rd, 3pm - 6:15pm: Come help serve groceries to our downtown neighbors! After a quick orientation, volunteers will stock shelves, sort through donations, distribute food and help pack healthy delivery bags for our homebound clients. Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. We will have a place to store personal belongings if needed.
Friday, February 15th, 4pm - 6pm: Spring Cleaning! At the end of a long week, Pike Market Food Bank could use a little love. We will be sweeping, mopping, sorting through deliveries, cleaning the coolers, wiping tables, reorganizing shelves, doing light maintenance and more!  Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. We will have a place to store personal belongings if needed.
Saturday, March 23rd: 3pm - 5pm: No-cook bag packing. PMFB offers prepared bags of food that don't need to be cooked for our unhoused clients. We will be assembling bags of foods such as pouched tuna, granola bars, crackers, and water bottles for PMFB to have on hand for homeless clients. By having these prepared in advance, our unhoused clients know they will always be able to get food they can use whenever they need it.  Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. We will have a place to store personal belongings if needed.