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DOPE MOMENTS September 29 2018

Hello Community! 


Starting this month we are going to rotate our Dope Moments charity quarterly instead of monthly! Proud to learn more about and supporting the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. 



KCSARC’s mission is to alleviate the trauma and suffering of survivors of sexual assault and their families and to change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence. They provide legal and emotional support for survivors and their families, they educate the public about sexual assault and bust common myths, they provide programming and talking points for parents and educators to teach young people about consent, and they work to improve the court experience and legal system for survivors. It goes without saying these days that sexual assault is incredibly common in our society, it affects all people regardless of their gender identity, expression or sexual orientation. It has been an inspiring and difficult year for survivors as so many allegations of abuse have surfaced in the media in great detail; which are often simultaneously empowering and re-traumatizing. We are very proud to support this charity working to heal people in our community who are suffering from sexual trauma. We will be raising money for KCSARC the rest of 2018. Thursdays at 6:15 pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford. Out of respect for survivors in our community, we will talk about the charity but will not share or encourage sharing experiences of sexual assault during these classes.


DOPE SEPTEMBER September 02 2018


The City of Seattle lies on Duwamish Tribal Land. In 1855, the Duwamish Tribe signed a treaty with the US Federal Government promising the Duwamish people healthcare, land, education, and fishing rights. However, since 2001 the Tribe has not been federally recognized, meaning the Duwamish people do not have access to the important services guaranteed by the treaty. Since then, they have asked the people of Seattle to pay rent for occupying their land. This rent goes directly back to the Tribe, which has started a non-profit to support the health, social and economic needs of the Duwamish people. They operate a cultural center and free event space to spread Duwamish history and culture, and they are working tirelessly to clean up the heavily polluted Duwamish River. Join us and bring all your friends in September to support this important local charity. Let's pay our rent! Thursdays at 6:15pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford. #poseurspayrent



Hey Community!

We are so excited to announce that starting this September we are adding TWO new morning classes on Mondays and Thursdays! Start your day with Poseurs! 

These classes are donation based and are made available to you by YOU, the community that comes and practices. Its amazing to see how much we have grown and can proudly say that we offer donation based yoga 7 days a week. Community Magic for All!!! 



Poseurs + The Bikery! August 16 2018

Hey Community! We are so excited to offer you this cool collaboration between Poseurs and awesome bike community THE BIKERY!!! The class is held on their turf and will include asana that is targeted to strengthen and stretch the parts of the body the cyclists use the most. Bring your bike - it might get incorporated as a prop in the class, and stay after to hang with each other or even go for a short mindful ride! So cool!!!

Summer Break! Classes Cancelled! Please check the schedule! August 13 2018

Hey Community! Just a heads up our classes are cancelled from Tuesday the 21st through Saturday the 25th. We resume Sunday the 26th with Nidra. Dance Underground is closed those days to re-do the floors and I am gonna use it as an excuse to get out of town for a hot second. I love Poseurs and will be so excited to get back! But until then lets be together all week!

FAT YOGA FLOW!!! August 08 2018

Poseurs is stoked to open its arms to special guest teachers offering an array of diverse workshops and offerings. These events will be held monthly on every second Sunday from 2:15 - 3:45PM. We are so excited to kick off this new programming with FAT YOGA FLOW, lead by two of our  inaugural PRACTICE: School of Magic graduates. So stoked. Check it out!!!


Fat Yoga Flow


Sunday September 9th, 2:15 - 3:45pm at Dance Underground


An-all level Vinyasa workshop to center and celebrate fat bodies! Including a 60-minute Vinyasa sequence, workshop to explore prop-use and variations, and a discussion of fat-positivity within yoga communities.


We intend to create space in which all bodies can explore a yoga practice, build confidence, and be part of a fat-positive community.


This workshop is open to all bodies as an opportunity to heal from body oppression, but will center the needs, safety, and experience of those most directly experiencing weight-based oppression. Please leave your diet-talk, fatphobia, and assumptions at the door.


$10-$30 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.


BYO yoga mat if possible, there will also be a limited number available at the studio. 


Pre-registration is not required but is encouraged, especially if you would like to reserve a mat or request any other accommodations. You can pre-register here:


Accessibility Info: Access to the studio requires descending one flight of stairs.


Workshop lead by: Marena (RYT200 and teacher at Poseurs) & Sugar (Practice S.O.M. Alumni)


We recognize that this workshop is taking place on Duwamish Land.


~Be Fat ~ Be Free ~ Do Yoga~

PRACTICE:S.O.M YTT 200HR FALL 2018 July 30 2018

Hey community! If you are considering this, want to spend more time in study with community, deepen your relationship to your practice and maybe... MAYBE even TEACH yoga---- this is whats up! There are still a handful of spaces in our fall training! 

We run an intensive covering the history and philosophy of yoga, its roots in the 8 Limbs, and have wonderful guest teachers who share their expertise on Ashtanga, Yin, meditation, Ghosh, Kundalini, Ayurveda,  and so much more! WOW! 

You will be practicing A LOT of yoga! 

Check out the website and reach out with any questions! 

Tuesday 6:15 Liberation Flow: Yoga for People of Color July 30 2018

Spaces for People of Color (POC) provide a refuge away from the White supremacy that dominates the daily lives of our POC friends.  These spaces are viewed by many POC as a restful place, a place to express, be free, a place to heal. Yoga is a practice of liberation and connection; we have all experienced the healing power of yoga. Yoga has been shown to improve the health of people experiencing trauma, like racism; something our POC friends experience every day. Poseurs is proud to expand our anti-oppression work by supporting a POC-only space in our community. Racism will never cease, unless we as white people, change our behavior. Part of this personal growth and behavior change for white folks at Poseurs includes taking real action to promote the representation, connection, validation, and empowerment that is denied to POC.  Spaces designated for POC are rare and will never exist unless we intentionally resist our White Supremacist culture and hold them.  Thank you for being radical yogis for social change. Tell your POC friends and family about Tuesday night POC class at Poseurs! 
If you have any questions or concerns about the POC class, send em to:

DOPE AUGUST July 30 2018

AID NW provides practical support for immigrants incarcerated at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma. For people still in detention, they provide phone cards so they can call love ones and help arrange visits from friends, families, and even volunteers to bring hope and let them know they are not alone. Once released from detention, AID NW provides, snacks, clothes, travel toiletries, and a safe space to call loved ones and arrange travel plans. They have a network of volunteers who provide rides, supplies and even housing. We are proud to support AID NW this month during Dope Moments; a local charity helping asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants right here, in the PNW. Join us and bring all your friends in August to support this important charity. Thursdays at 6:15pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford.
#familiesbelongtogether #nowall #abolishice #nomuslimbanever