PHYSICS FOR YOGIS! An afternoon of fun and learing with Ashleigh! February 17 2021

Physics for yogis!
An exploration of the Universe in three parts!
What is meant by something being three dimensional? Or one dimensional? Or four? Can we perceive different dimensions from within the constraints of the world we live in? This workshop is for anyone interested in the edges, continuities, and infinities that exist within, around, and outside of themselves. Come prepared for some asana, some hands on activities and brief lecture, and a wind down yoga nidra to integrate what you've learned.
If possible please have paper, scissors, a marker and tape for a hands on exploration of dimensions. Any reused scrap paper or newspaper will work great.
Pre-registration required! Email to reserve your spot!
Meet Ashleigh!
Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

I’m so excited to offer this workshop and share my love for physics and yoga!  I started studying physics as a practical hands on tool growing up on a farm, I’ll never forget the day my Dad showed me how to use the handle of a rake to get leverage on a frozen turnstile. From early experiences like this I was inspired to study math and physics in college, developing special interests in astronomy and planetary science. 
My yoga practice similarly started young but I've left and returned many times over the decades. About 5 years ago I returned through the unexpected vector of a corporate yoga class, which transitioned to a home practice primarily following the books of Richard Freeman. Despite longing for community I felt out of place in most studios until finally in 2019 I found Poseurs! Social justice and individual liberation in the service of collective liberation were front and center, it was more than I’d dared to hoped for. I continued my yoga education with the Practice School of Magic “Dark Side” yin and yoga nidra training in pre-COVID 2020 and you’ll find me at many Poseurs classes each week.
For this workshop in particular I’m excited to explore space, the not-emptiness of it, how space itself can be conceived of not only as the substance separating stellar bodies, but as the connective tissue surrounding them. I see yoga and physics as being so fun and so complementary because they are both sciences that grow with our curiosity. They both acknowledge that what we perceive will continue to be clouded by our tools of perception and therefore we must continue to examine both what we observe and how we are observing it, over and over again, in a conversation that brings us ever closer to what is.

Dope Moments 2021! December 28 2020

Listen up! :) 

Dope Moments has ran weekly on Thursdays in support of social change for four amazing years now! We are so excited to continue to grow and nurture this program and starting this new year we will be offering a weekly sit in support the cause. 

" Listen up! " has been born out of the desire to practice the active integration feeling and connecting to the felt sense body during  the act listening as a key component in progressive social movements. Our intentions for this offering is

-To support/build community centering the intersection of social justice and embodiment/magic.

-To individually and collectively grow our resilience, discernment and our ability to tolerate the discomfort that comes when confronting injustice and harm. 
-To learn to listen with our whole Self. To feel the sense of listening in our body as a way to shift the collective way of being and relating to one another. 
- To nurture a community/culture that takes listening and feeling that listening seriously as the foundation of a transformational movement. 
Class will be structured with a 5 minute welcome and intention agreement, a 10-15 minute read of a piece of work from a social justice educator/artist/healer/radical/etc. followed by a 20 minute mindfulness inspired mediation focused on awareness of the body and breath. At the end of the sit participants will be offered to do a 2 minute share of their experience in regards to the group meditation and what they noticed in their practice (this share is totally optional and not required). 
This offering has no charge, any financial donations are asked to go directly to
You can donate directly on their websites. 
See you there! 


POSEUROBICS IS REAL December 28 2020

Hey community! We are soooooo stoked to be offering a weekly aerobics class for you on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm! This is exactly what you want it to be, fun, stupid, a great full body work out and a mixtape full of jams that are set to get you moving! Dressing the part is encouraged but not required. 

This is meant to be low impact with out a lot of fuss. A clear, small space for you to hop around in is needed, and two small hand weights (5lbs or less) or two cans of beans for some arm exercises. Wear supportive and comfortable footwear. FUN is the name of the game. 

PWYC Community realness $10-$25 no one turned away for lack of funds. xoxoxoo

SPINAL TAPAS WITH MILDA starting January 2021! December 28 2020

New class alert! Can't wait to make this a weekly part of my practice. See you there!



Yoga for your minds and spines! 

Class Description: From your spinal column, to everything that runs out of it, this class will challenge the notions of a typical yoga class. Sun salutations & postures will always be provided, but we will hone in on the muscles that support these postures for access to a safe practice. With breathwork (for sympathetic nervous system toning), and a focus on preparatory exercises (ab & spine strengthening, as well as pelvis stabilization) the aim will be to guide you towards postural awareness and prepare your body to breathe better, your nervous system to flex more, all with a goal to help you embody stability and practice yoga in your daily life. 

The class provided will include cues for standing postures, but Milda can accommodate any differences in body type and ability. Working with a chair and other props is always a great way to find more creativity in your practice. 

PSYCHIC AF - A monthly workshop series to develop and support your psychic self! September 07 2020

 Hey Community! Our fellow Poseur and PSOM grad David put together this super cool and fun offering for our community! Check it out! Learn a little bit about David and what he has cooked up for us this fall! Back to school y'all! Lets get it! 

Each workshop is PWYC $20 - $50


reach out with any questions or


Let's get Psychic AF.  Each month in the Poseurs community, David will lead a 2 hour psychic development workshop on the (third sunday) of the month.  From strengthening our psychic senses to learning how to read on the vibration of a name, each workshop is intended to bring you into greater union with your psychic self.  The psychic arts have many layers that take time to learn and develop -- within community and on your own, so each workshop will allow time for individual exploration as well as one-on-one practice with other Poseurs.

Although each month will have its own focus, workshops will gradually build off of the prior month's exploration and may reference techniques and material previously reviewed.  If you're interested in later workshop, it's recommended checking them all out as a series.  Wondering about commiting to several workshops ahead of time?  Each month will cap out at 16 Poseurs so pre-registering is available with a sliding scale option of $20-$50 per workshop.  See you there!


Psychic senses & the psychic circulatory system
This workshop will review & explore the 4 "Clairs" of psychic sensing.  As a foundation for future workshops, we will identify our dominant psychic senses and learn how to strengthen others.  Through discussion and meditation, we will also review and work with the energetic body through a psychic lens.  Workshop will consist of theory, group meditation, a led practice, and one-on-one practice.

Psychic boundaries, auras & energetic alchemy
By engaging with our psychic senses, we will review how to create and maintain energetic boundaries as well as explore ways to transmute and alchemize energy.  The goal of this workshop is to learn how to begin to clearly receive energy before working with it or shifting it.  Workshop will consist of theory, a led meditation/practice, and one-on-one practice.

Clear-seeing & shadow work
Integrating with our shadow births clear-seeing and clear-knowing while maintaining a relationship with our shadow is essential for psychic-work.  We will discuss theory around the shadow self, learn why it's beneficial towards psychic development, and strengthen our clairvoyance.  Workshop will consist of theory, group discussion & a led yoga nidra specifically for shadow work and clear-seeing.

December 2020
Psychic sensing with the auric field

This workshop provides a second opportunity to explore the information in the auric field. By revisiting some concepts from September and October, we will build upon the foundation of past workshops to further our psychic development. Out of all workshops, this month’s will have the most opportunity to practice psychic reading with partners. Workshop will consist of brief theory, group discussion, a led meditation, and one-on-one practice.

B I O 

David is a psychic-medium, astrologer, and modern-day alchemist.  As a new Yoga teacher through PSOM, he's excited to weave his knowledge of the psychic and energetic arts alongside Yoga.  David has been reading professionally for 8 years and has learned from intuitives, psychics, and mediums such as Audra Garcia, David Stevens, Michael Mayo, and Gordan Smith.  Over the last 3 years, David has been teaching the psychic arts while working with students digitally or in-person.  Read more about his practice and offerings at




For everyone! With focus on:

Sept 2nd - Running Muscles

Sept 9th - Ball & Socket Joints (hips and shoulders) 

Sept 16th - Sciatica/Lower Back Pain 

Sept 23rd - Upper Body/Neck Pain

Class structure:

Anatomy Intro: 7 minutes

Yin yoga: 63 minutes

Shavasana: has 5 minutes 

My Anatomy will begin with 7 minutes of lecture and open questions about the selected anatomy focused on for the sequence. Information on common injuries and how to safely practice Yin Yoga poses for preventative injury. This class is a compliment to the yang intensity of our daily lives, with specific focus on movement and structure of the body.

This class comes to you from the East coast and the West coast. We honor the unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish people and unceded ancestral lands of the Lepate, Canarsee and Rockaway people. The land we occupy is on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples in Seattle and Lepate peoples in Brooklyn. We honor the indegenous traditions of the ancestors and also the people still here today who carry those traditions forward. 



Join Chelb in "POSEURS PLAY TIME" Movement Liberation Practice!!! August 25 2020


Our bodies ask for ways to release tension that aren’t always accessible in a strictly guided practice. Physical expression can be an effective outlet for our harder-to-face emotions, however deep they reside in our subconscious. 

Join your fellow Poseurs for Playtime: an hour long intuitive movement liberation practice, offered to help you cultivate, express, honor, and love your relationship with your body. Using physical and emotional prompts we will explore what it means to move mindfully with creativity and intuition closing out class with 10-15 minutes of stillness for integration. Playtime is for every body -- no previous movement or dance experience is required or expected. 

Monthly playlists will be available to enhance creativity of your own expression, but you never have to move to a beat. The first few sessions will revolve around physical prompts that help you explore how your own body moves through space, and open possibilities for creativity in that movement. As we get to know patterns, we’ll begin to explore where our emotions live in our physical bodies and how to move through them. 


A little about Chelb!

Chelb has been teaching dance to folks of all ages and abilities since 2009, and completed Practice School of Magic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Their focus is always to provide an empowering space for practitioners to find their own flow, and support each individual journey. You can get to know Chelb and ask any questions at their Instagram: @chelbawamba.



ELE-MENTAL-ISM August 24 2020

To be embodied means to be in relationship with the elements. Our bodies are made of the elements, and our world is made of the elements. In Yogic tradition the elements are called "Tattvas" and are literally the building blocks of our reality- the stuff that makes up our matrix.

Elementalism is an offering of attention and reflection on each of the four classical elements as we may experience them in the body. Creating deeper relationship to the elements is a great way to focus your yoga practice, and become a more creative participant in your experience of reality.

Each week we will spend an hour focusing on one element. Come to one or come to them all!

September 7th - AIR

September 14th - FIRE

September 21st - WATER

September 28th - EARTH

Each class will begin with a brief overview of the element and its powers, a gentle movement and asana practice, a visualization practice and a meditation. Come dressed comfortably and ready to chill. Practice can be on a carpeted surface, blanket or mat, and feel free to bring a journal, a tool that represents the element (not required) and any other blankets or props you might enjoy for the sitting practice.

Suggested donation $10- $20 no one turned away for lack of funds

Donate to Emily Venmo @poseurs or PayPal

Prop 'n' Drop coming this September! August 20 2020

Hey Community! 

Super excited to be adding some super great new programming created and cultivated by some of our teachers this fall! Emily W will be offering a weekly restorative practice on Sunday nights called Prop 'n' Drop, check it out!!!

Prop ‘n’ Drop // restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice for the nervous system. The poses are specifically designed to gently stimulate different parts of our nervous system—the sympathetic get-up-and-go energy and the parasympathetic resting and calming energy—to become more balanced. Through restorative, we build capacity to work with our nervous system responses in our everyday lives. Props are an integral part of restorative poses. They collaborate with gravity to support every part of your body, signaling it to release tension and helping your body receive the intended action of the pose. In restorative, we let the poses, props, and gravity do the physical work. Our own work is to drop in—turn our attention inward and be present with our moment-to-moment experience of what we feel in our body.

This weekly class will include a grounding practice, warm-up stretches, pranayama (breathing exercise), and 4-6 restorative poses. Sometimes there will be journaling/drawing time, tarot, and longer meditation. It’s recommended that you find a place to practice that is quiet and dimly lit—this helps reduce your sensing of the external environment and turn up your internal awareness.

Props you’ll need for a typical class (be creative to use what you have):

  • Mat or carpeted surface

  • 2 large, relatively firm cushions—bolsters, bed pillows, blankets, couch cushions

  • 1-2 bath towels or similar sized blankets

  • 1 washcloth or hand towel

Additional props—nice-to-haves:

  • Eye covering—t-shirt, washcloth, piece of fabric, lightweight sand pillow

  • Extra pillows, towels, and blankets 

  • Block or thick book

  • Strap, bathrobe tie, scarf, necktie, rolled up towel, soft belt

  • Chair, couch, wall, or coffee table

Suggested donation to Emily Wright $10-20
Venmo: @emily-wright
Questions or comments? Contact Emily on IG @curiousambler or


Morning Magic Remote Offering! May 17 2020

Hey Community! After speaking to a few folks in the community about what its been like practicing from home and remotely, we came up with an idea for a cool new community practice to encourage and develop a home sitting practice. 

Finding the discipline and structure to sit daily took me years, and it really is the support of my teacher that got me this far. I am excited to offer "Morning Magic" a 40 minute morning routine to help us all wake up with community, intention, and meditation. The gathering will take place via zoom and we encourage you to roll right out of bed and log on. The idea is that these practices will be the first thing (maybe go pee and get yourself comfortable, but you get it) so that there isn't any space to check the phone, email, get distracted. 

We will spend 5-10 minutes journaling. This can look like anything. I have been writing down everything I can remember from my dreams, and then gratitude. But it can be intention, prayer, free writing, doodling- whatever feels right for you. 

From there we will take 5-10 minutes to stretch (this will probably look like taking a couple yoga poses) and doing some conscious and  gentle breath work. 

Then we will spend 15 minutes in a silent sit. We will be offering mindfulness of the body and the breath, but if you have a mantra practice, or something different you are doing, that is awesome. 

This offering is meant to be a platform for you to experiment with, and a structure of support and accountability in order to create positive change. Mornings are magic, and starting out this way makes a huge difference is the rest of the 24 hours. You may decide to sit longer, or opt out of pranayama- everyone is different. 

So join in and see what comes of it for you! 

Mondays 8:00am - 8:40 with Alexis

Wednesdays 6:30am - 7:10 with Emily 

This offering is a suggested donation of $5.00. No one turned away for lack of funds. 

We are experimenting with some different time options, and depending on how it goes, we may adjust that schedule. This is a temporary offering while we are all in quarantine, and we plan on running it twice weekly through the end of June. Reach out with questions! We will see you in the AM!