Yin Curious: A beginners introduction to yin yoga! March 26 2021

This "POSEURS" workshop is an offering coming to you from Veronica Dye and Greta Rose. Have you ever had an emotional release during half pigeon? Or really felt the subtle layers of self in childs pose? These longer holds were our and many people's first glimpse into yin. We want this class to satiate that sparked curiosity and further you on your Yin exploration.

This workshop will introduce you to Yin Yoga and its benefits for the body and mind. We’ll touch on what makes it different from “yang” yoga, have a deeper discussion into the style, how it evolved, how to practice it safely and how the use of props & support can enhance your practice. Yin Yoga is accessible to all bodies, including those with a history of physical injury and chronic pain.

Join us in furthering your relationship with your asana practice with an introduction to Yin.


Yin Curious: A beginners introduction to yin yoga

Sunday, April 18th, 2021 4:00-6:00p PT

Pre-register here www.gretaheller.com/yinworkshop

PWYC $20-$60



Teacher Bios:


Veronica (she/her) is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher through PSOM. Her interests are in anatomy, movement, and designing yoga classes for those who live with physical injury or chronic pain as a healing modality that is accessible, interesting, and a compliment to daily life. 


Reach out with any questions to gr3tarose@gmail.com, veronicadyeLMT@gmail.com or poseurs777@gmail.com


Greta (she/they) teaches yoga with Poseurs and is an overnight host at KEXP. Find out more by visiting her new website! www.gretaheller.com ...which is also where you can register for the workshop:)