Wise Counsel: Understanding and Applying Archetypes of the Tarot with Patrick! May 20 2021

Hey Community! 

So excited for this amazing offering from our beloved community member Patrick

This three part series begins Sunday June 6th and runs for three weekends in a row. 

 Sunday 6/6 4:00 - 6:00pm PT 

Introduction and cards 0-7 (Fool to Chariot)

Sunday 6/13 4:00 - 6:00pm PT

Cards 8-14 (Justice to Art) 

Sunday 6/20 4:00 - 6:00pm PT 

cards 15-21 (Devil to World)


Drop in for a single class or attend all three! Pre-registry required! Details below! Reach out with any questions! 


Wise Counsel: Understanding and Applying Archetypes of the Tarot with Patrick!

 Granddaddy of modern psychology, Carl Jung, wrote extensively of symbols and archetypes, and how they can be used to transform the unconscious mind.

 In this workshop we’ll explore how the 22 major archetypes of the Tarot can be understood and embodied to advance your personal growth and expand your intuitive practice.

 This course will be broken down into three modules: Introduction and cards 0-7 (Fool to Chariot), cards 8-14 (Justice to Art) and cards 15-21 (Devil to World). Drop in for a single class or attend all three.

 We’ll begin with a brief history of Tarot and the concept of archetypes, and then a deep dive into each Tarot archetype and how to apply it to your intuitive practice. Along with each archetype, I’ll provide practical home exercises to activate these archetypal superpowers.

 We’ll be using Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook as source material. It’s not necessary to have a copy for the course, but it’s an excellent resource and explores the suits in tarot in addition to the major arcana. 

 Pay what you can. Suggested donation $20-50/module or $60-150 total. All classes will be recorded and posted to my website under the member’s area, which you will be granted free access to as part of the course. That way you can make up any content you’ve missed, or refer back to whatever you’d like to brush up on.

 Please register and pay for the course on my website,



Instructor Bio: 

Patrick is a combat veteran, biochemist and shamanic practitioner who has certification from the Sundust Oracle Institute. He has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for 15 years. Ancient healing techniques in combination with supportive community helped him overcome deep wounds from wartime, sexual abuse and family mental illness. He now shares the wisdom and gifts earned from those experiences to guide others along their path.

Serving as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms, he helps others heal from trauma and expand their psyche through greater relationship with the intuitive and natural world. He is fascinated with exploration of the inner worlds and his core values as a healer are service, gratitude, compassion, play and curiosity. The healing techniques he utilizes were taught with consent from a member of that culture, and are used in a faithful, sacred and respectful manner.