WHHHHOOOOAAAAA!!!! February 10 2017

Namaste Yogis! 
The rumors are true! We are so fucking honored and STOKED to be offering our first ever 200HR RYT Yoga Teacher Training this summer!! Poseurs is not your typical yoga community, and this will not be your typical training. Get ready to embrace the weird and learn all the practical AND magical sides of this amazing practice. 
What will you learn???
-How to structure an amazing vinyasa sequence and safely teach it.
- The history of this beautiful practice and how we can apply it to our modern lives.
-Anatomy of the physical body, energetic body, and spiritual body.
- Knowledge of a wide range of styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Yin, Bikram, Kundalini and more!
- Yoga philosophy 
-How to inspire and empower your future students and community
- Styles and types meditation
We have asked some of our most respected and favorite teachers in Seattle to mentor and assist us through this experience and we are so FUCKING THRILLED and amazed at the response and support! They all said YES!!!
What do we hope to leave you with???
A solid knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice. Confidence in your self, your practice, and your ability to lead. Your mind blown. A community you love and that supports you and your unique perspective. A registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance. Stoked. 
Our training starts May 17th and runs for 13 weeks. If you have more questions, please reach out. You can email me directly at poseurs777@gmail.com, or come to class and feel it out if it the right fit for you. I hope it is. I cannot believe I get to do this with you all, I am so so so excited, literally counting the days.