Tuesday 6:15 Liberation Flow: Yoga for People of Color July 30 2018

Spaces for People of Color (POC) provide a refuge away from the White supremacy that dominates the daily lives of our POC friends.  These spaces are viewed by many POC as a restful place, a place to express, be free, a place to heal. Yoga is a practice of liberation and connection; we have all experienced the healing power of yoga. Yoga has been shown to improve the health of people experiencing trauma, like racism; something our POC friends experience every day. Poseurs is proud to expand our anti-oppression work by supporting a POC-only space in our community. Racism will never cease, unless we as white people, change our behavior. Part of this personal growth and behavior change for white folks at Poseurs includes taking real action to promote the representation, connection, validation, and empowerment that is denied to POC.  Spaces designated for POC are rare and will never exist unless we intentionally resist our White Supremacist culture and hold them.  Thank you for being radical yogis for social change. Tell your POC friends and family about Tuesday night POC class at Poseurs! 
If you have any questions or concerns about the POC class, send em to: poseurs777@gmail.com