Border Angels (May 2018)

In the last 20 years, at least 8,000 people have died trying to cross the US-Mexico border. The real number is likely much higher, in the tens of thousands. People face harsh desert climates, smugglers, robbery, rape, and a host of inhumane conditions on their way to a better life. It is truly one of the most horrifying ongoing human rights crises of the 21st century. Our friends and neighbors in Latin America have been screwed by imperialist policies, by the US government’s support of dictators and militias, by US citizens consumption of cocaine, by free trade policies, and many other US-imposed rules that create unlivable situations for millions of people. So they flee, to the US, where we all benefit from the labor and poverty of Latin Americans. At Poseurs this month, we are very proud to support Border Angels- a completely volunteer run non-profit that works to keep people safe while attempting to cross the US-Mexico border. They deliver millions of gallons of water, they provide legal consultations, and they educate the community to de-bunk harmful and racist immigration myths. It’s like harm reduction for US immigration policies. Please come practice with us every Thursday in May at 6:15 pm for this awesome charity. All levels vinyasa, Dance Underground, give whatever you can afford, come be part of this community and make a difference!