SPINAL TAPAS WITH MILDA starting January 2021! December 28 2020

New class alert! Can't wait to make this a weekly part of my practice. See you there!



Yoga for your minds and spines! 

Class Description: From your spinal column, to everything that runs out of it, this class will challenge the notions of a typical yoga class. Sun salutations & postures will always be provided, but we will hone in on the muscles that support these postures for access to a safe practice. With breathwork (for sympathetic nervous system toning), and a focus on preparatory exercises (ab & spine strengthening, as well as pelvis stabilization) the aim will be to guide you towards postural awareness and prepare your body to breathe better, your nervous system to flex more, all with a goal to help you embody stability and practice yoga in your daily life. 

The class provided will include cues for standing postures, but Milda can accommodate any differences in body type and ability. Working with a chair and other props is always a great way to find more creativity in your practice.