Special offering!!! “Tissue Connection: Exploring and Detangling the Myofascial Matrix” with Cindy! April 23 2021

“Tissue Connection: Exploring and Detangling the Myofascial Matrix”

This workshop is centered on the magic of fascia and connective tissue, the gooey and fibrous web that holds us together. Although fascia exists everywhere in the body, in various forms, it comprises a single bio-regulatory system. I like to think of the fascial network as the complex and mysterious organ of interconnectedness. Examining the workings of fascia can help us illuminate why affecting one area of the body impacts a completely different area or how emotional patterns translate to physical holding patterns (and vice versa).

We won’t get too heady, however, in this workshop! Each class is a practice-based exploration of your unique myofascial net. We will practice techniques of connective tissue work influenced by qi gong, yin yoga, self-massage, and “myofascial release”

You will need props to roll out your tissues, but buying stuff is not obligatory!

We recommend: large and small myofascial release yoga balls (Wellround, Tune Up, Roll Model, etc), yoga block

Alternatives: foam roller (or a hard water bottle), sports balls (tennis, lacrosse, baseball, etc.), a stack of hardcover books

In this three part series, we will focus on one of the three main energetic centers of the body at a time:

Part I: feet/legs/pelvis

Part II: abdomen/ribs/shoulders

Part III: neck/face/head

Classes will be taught by Cindy on zoom on Sundays 5/9, 5/16, and 5/23 from 4:30-6 PM PST. Register here:




And email poseurs777@gmail.com with any questions. See you there!