Prop 'n' Drop coming this September! August 20 2020

Hey Community! 

Super excited to be adding some super great new programming created and cultivated by some of our teachers this fall! Emily W will be offering a weekly restorative practice on Sunday nights called Prop 'n' Drop, check it out!!!

Prop ‘n’ Drop // restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice for the nervous system. The poses are specifically designed to gently stimulate different parts of our nervous system—the sympathetic get-up-and-go energy and the parasympathetic resting and calming energy—to become more balanced. Through restorative, we build capacity to work with our nervous system responses in our everyday lives. Props are an integral part of restorative poses. They collaborate with gravity to support every part of your body, signaling it to release tension and helping your body receive the intended action of the pose. In restorative, we let the poses, props, and gravity do the physical work. Our own work is to drop in—turn our attention inward and be present with our moment-to-moment experience of what we feel in our body.

This weekly class will include a grounding practice, warm-up stretches, pranayama (breathing exercise), and 4-6 restorative poses. Sometimes there will be journaling/drawing time, tarot, and longer meditation. It’s recommended that you find a place to practice that is quiet and dimly lit—this helps reduce your sensing of the external environment and turn up your internal awareness.

Props you’ll need for a typical class (be creative to use what you have):

  • Mat or carpeted surface

  • 2 large, relatively firm cushions—bolsters, bed pillows, blankets, couch cushions

  • 1-2 bath towels or similar sized blankets

  • 1 washcloth or hand towel

Additional props—nice-to-haves:

  • Eye covering—t-shirt, washcloth, piece of fabric, lightweight sand pillow

  • Extra pillows, towels, and blankets 

  • Block or thick book

  • Strap, bathrobe tie, scarf, necktie, rolled up towel, soft belt

  • Chair, couch, wall, or coffee table

Suggested donation to Emily Wright $10-20
Venmo: @emily-wright
Questions or comments? Contact Emily on IG @curiousambler or