POSEURS+KAME HOUSE December 27 2019

Yin Yang Meditation class focuses on a classical perspective of the Asana practice, incorporating and emphasizing equal parts of effort and ease throughout the postures. The last quarter of the class will be a guided meditation, which will vary in style. The meditation portion will include, but is not limited to, yoga nidra, mindfulness and concentration practices. 
The intention of this class is to practice the physical (Asana) part of yoga from the classical view that it is a preparation for meditation and introspection. We are seeking to keep in mind the definition of yoga that comes from the path of Raja yoga; yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind. 

Kame house is a collectively run, all ages, community art space in the Central District run in conjunction with Sater8r, an in house AV team. Kame house can be reached at kamelolkame333@gmail.com for inquiries related but not limited to art shows, community skillshares, and of course concerts and musical fundraisers.  The house operates from 12pm-12am. 

Address is 1709 23rd Ave- It is a house. :)