PHYSICS FOR YOGIS! An afternoon of fun and learing with Ashleigh! February 17 2021

Physics for yogis!
An exploration of the Universe in three parts!
What is meant by something being three dimensional? Or one dimensional? Or four? Can we perceive different dimensions from within the constraints of the world we live in? This workshop is for anyone interested in the edges, continuities, and infinities that exist within, around, and outside of themselves. Come prepared for some asana, some hands on activities and brief lecture, and a wind down yoga nidra to integrate what you've learned.
If possible please have paper, scissors, a marker and tape for a hands on exploration of dimensions. Any reused scrap paper or newspaper will work great.
Pre-registration required! Email to reserve your spot!
Meet Ashleigh!
Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

I’m so excited to offer this workshop and share my love for physics and yoga!  I started studying physics as a practical hands on tool growing up on a farm, I’ll never forget the day my Dad showed me how to use the handle of a rake to get leverage on a frozen turnstile. From early experiences like this I was inspired to study math and physics in college, developing special interests in astronomy and planetary science. 
My yoga practice similarly started young but I've left and returned many times over the decades. About 5 years ago I returned through the unexpected vector of a corporate yoga class, which transitioned to a home practice primarily following the books of Richard Freeman. Despite longing for community I felt out of place in most studios until finally in 2019 I found Poseurs! Social justice and individual liberation in the service of collective liberation were front and center, it was more than I’d dared to hoped for. I continued my yoga education with the Practice School of Magic “Dark Side” yin and yoga nidra training in pre-COVID 2020 and you’ll find me at many Poseurs classes each week.
For this workshop in particular I’m excited to explore space, the not-emptiness of it, how space itself can be conceived of not only as the substance separating stellar bodies, but as the connective tissue surrounding them. I see yoga and physics as being so fun and so complementary because they are both sciences that grow with our curiosity. They both acknowledge that what we perceive will continue to be clouded by our tools of perception and therefore we must continue to examine both what we observe and how we are observing it, over and over again, in a conversation that brings us ever closer to what is.