New Schedule, New Years, Dopeness. December 29 2017

Namaste Poseurs,
Wow. What a wild year. Below is our new and current class schedule, please look it over and come to class! Also, as 2017 comes to a close, I want to let you all know that we raised  $4,854.80 for 13 different charities through our DOPE MOMENTS class. HOLY FUCK THAT RULES SO HARD. Thank you for being  a part of this community, for giving a shit, and for literally making a difference. Let's keep it going in 2018 and as always PLEASE feel free to share the flyers, tell your friends, research the charities and know where you are spending your money and WHY. Looking forward to continuing on our quest for social justice and LOVE with all of you. See you on the mat!!
Always donation based.
All are welcome.
Community Magic for All.