Join Chelb in "POSEURS PLAY TIME" Movement Liberation Practice!!! August 25 2020


Our bodies ask for ways to release tension that aren’t always accessible in a strictly guided practice. Physical expression can be an effective outlet for our harder-to-face emotions, however deep they reside in our subconscious. 

Join your fellow Poseurs for Playtime: an hour long intuitive movement liberation practice, offered to help you cultivate, express, honor, and love your relationship with your body. Using physical and emotional prompts we will explore what it means to move mindfully with creativity and intuition closing out class with 10-15 minutes of stillness for integration. Playtime is for every body -- no previous movement or dance experience is required or expected. 

Monthly playlists will be available to enhance creativity of your own expression, but you never have to move to a beat. The first few sessions will revolve around physical prompts that help you explore how your own body moves through space, and open possibilities for creativity in that movement. As we get to know patterns, we’ll begin to explore where our emotions live in our physical bodies and how to move through them. 


A little about Chelb!

Chelb has been teaching dance to folks of all ages and abilities since 2009, and completed Practice School of Magic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Their focus is always to provide an empowering space for practitioners to find their own flow, and support each individual journey. You can get to know Chelb and ask any questions at their Instagram: @chelbawamba.