From The Vedas to Poseurs: A Deep Dive into Yoga's Past and Evolution with Emily! July 31 2021

Hey Poseurs!

Back to school vibes with this super fun weekend online workshop on Yoga's incredible past. Grab your note books and sharpen your pencils cause we are gonna hit the time line running all the way back from the Vedas and philosophical schools of Yoga to our current day asana obsessed yoga studio culture and other forms commodified yoga. This class is offered in an effort to help the modern day practitioner connect more deeply to the original intentions and teachings of yoga while considering the time, place, culture and context in which these teachings emerged and why. As we explore yoga over the past few thousand years, it's spiritual philosophies and sciences, we can also consider how we got where we are, and where we might consider the ways we can honor our role in carrying this practice forward.  

If you love yoga, if you love the mysteries, if you love studying the soul, liberation and magic, you should probably clear your calendar and come to this.


WHEN: SATURDAY AUGUST 28th 2:30 - 5:30pm 

and SUNDAY AUGUST 29th Noon - 3:00pm


Recording of both days available if you can't make it. PWYC $50-$100 (for both days). Pre-registry and payment required before August 26th. If you are unable to pay you are still welcome, please email Emily and just let her know! 

Register: Email with your name, dates you can attend and if you will need a recording. You can pay Emily at 


venmo @poseurs 

Leave a note in the comments that its for the "Vedas to Poseurs" workshop

You will receive an email with the zoom link and more info a few days before the workshop.