Emily is coming back Dance Underground!!! For now!!! August 21 2021

Hey community! 


Hey friends! I decided to cancel the rest of September. I am so bummed but I also feel this is the safest and most energetically decision to make. I love you and miss you and my heart hurts from it all!!! Classes on zoom still happening and am here to connect with you if you need it! poseurs777@gmail.com xo

Emily here :) 

I am excited to see some of you back at our home base in Seattle, capitol hill's Dance Underground starting in September. Coming back with two classes a week, Monday night vinyasa and Sunday morning Poseurobics. I am super hopeful to safely run these programs through the month and share some IRL space with you all. Both programs will also run online, so know that if you still want to practice from home or where ever you are, you can! If you are coming to class, know that it will be streaming live. Masks are required. Dance Underground is literally underground. Not great for ventilation. We all have to follow the current COVID regulations and stay safe. Please be mindful as we navigate shared space together! 

I am truly hopeful to run these programs through the fall but at least September. I personally only plan on doing in person classes through the holidays (assuming covid doesn't ruin that, which it probably will) and then moving all my classes back online. I am in school and 2022 is very full of training for me and committing to renting space for class isn't in the cards! So all that to say, I hope I see you! Thank you for keeping the magic alive! Keep an eye on the schedule for the continuing amazing programing our collaborators are conjuring up this fall! Its full of love!