ELE-MENTAL-ISM August 24 2020

To be embodied means to be in relationship with the elements. Our bodies are made of the elements, and our world is made of the elements. In Yogic tradition the elements are called "Tattvas" and are literally the building blocks of our reality- the stuff that makes up our matrix.

Elementalism is an offering of attention and reflection on each of the four classical elements as we may experience them in the body. Creating deeper relationship to the elements is a great way to focus your yoga practice, and become a more creative participant in your experience of reality.

Each week we will spend an hour focusing on one element. Come to one or come to them all!

September 7th - AIR

September 14th - FIRE

September 21st - WATER

September 28th - EARTH

Each class will begin with a brief overview of the element and its powers, a gentle movement and asana practice, a visualization practice and a meditation. Come dressed comfortably and ready to chill. Practice can be on a carpeted surface, blanket or mat, and feel free to bring a journal, a tool that represents the element (not required) and any other blankets or props you might enjoy for the sitting practice.

Suggested donation $10- $20 no one turned away for lack of funds

Donate to Emily Venmo @poseurs or PayPal poseurs777@gmail.com