Dopeness in April March 28 2018

The Moyer Foundation

Since 2000, the Moyer Foundation has been serving children and families in Seattle, who are suffering from grief and addiction issues. The Moyer Foundation provides grief, and mental health support for children and teens whose parents are suffering from substance use disorders or whose parents have died of a substance use related condition. In particular, they run grief summer camps for children and adolescents who have had a family member pass due to substance use. At camp kids and teens get a safe place to share their experience, meet other kids who have similar experienced, build their coping skills, and find positive ways to memorialize their loved ones. At Poseurs we have raised money to support people with substance use disorder and destigmatize drug-use; we are also very proud to raise money this month to support the children and teens affected by parents and family members substance-use. Please join us in April for Dope Moments. 6:15-7:15 every Thursday. Give what you can to support this important charity.