DOPE SEPTEMBER September 02 2018


The City of Seattle lies on Duwamish Tribal Land. In 1855, the Duwamish Tribe signed a treaty with the US Federal Government promising the Duwamish people healthcare, land, education, and fishing rights. However, since 2001 the Tribe has not been federally recognized, meaning the Duwamish people do not have access to the important services guaranteed by the treaty. Since then, they have asked the people of Seattle to pay rent for occupying their land. This rent goes directly back to the Tribe, which has started a non-profit to support the health, social and economic needs of the Duwamish people. They operate a cultural center and free event space to spread Duwamish history and culture, and they are working tirelessly to clean up the heavily polluted Duwamish River. Join us and bring all your friends in September to support this important local charity. Let's pay our rent! Thursdays at 6:15pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford. #poseurspayrent