DOPE MOMENTS Q4 2019 September 02 2019


In late 2016 (we all remember what happened in late 2016), Jeff Kennedy, Emily Denton, and I all had the exact same idea- but we didn’t know it yet. I remember talking to Jeff one day and I can’t remember if it was he or I that first brought it up: “ We should ask Emily if Poseurs would host a donation-based class for charity” the other person said “ I was just about to suggest that exact same thing.” Then I remember being the one tasked to approach Emily about it, and I was a little nervous. Poseurs was her baby and a community I had come to love so much and at the time there weren’t really any other teachers involved in Poseurs so I couldn’t predict what she would say. I remember after class that day I went to chat with her and she looked at me and she just said “You know what we should do? We should raise money for charity” and I was like “ I was literally just about to say those exact words to you.” And from there Dope Moments was born. 


Since that original mind meld we have raised thousands of dollars for over a dozen different charities, this year we asked Angelique Rosario and Henry Detweiler to join us to form the first ever Dope Moments Advisory Board. We have expanded our efforts beyond just raising money to actually invest in building relationships with communities in need and being a part of the service and good work these organizations do. So we started a volunteer program this year that has had great Poseur turnout at Pike Market Food Bank and Roots Young Adult Shelter. At our last Dope Moments Advisory Board meeting we reflected on this work and what it has meant to us, we realized that we have formed meaningful relationships with these two organizations and their clientele. We want to honor these relationships by continuing to be fully present for this work. There are many valuable causes and organizations out there, but for the rest of 2019 we have decided to double-down on our commitment to Roots Young Adult Shelter and Pike Market Food Bank and continue to support them. 


Building community and making change requires discipline and dedication. To be a yoga community we cannot just practice asana (postures) we need to recognize the yogic/vedic texts and lessons that direct us to live a life of non-harming, and selfless service, and to conduct ourselves externally and internally with integrity and intention. So through the end of 2019 we are going to do things a bit differently, we are going to put our money and time where our mouth is and focus on food justice with these two organizations. All proceeds from Dope Moments will go to primarily funding our once a month breakfast program hosted by Poseurs for youth at Roots young adult shelter. We will buy the food, prepare the food, and serve the food one Wednesday morning a month (the 3rd Wednesday of each month). All left over proceeds will go to the Pike Market Food Bank where we will also organize on-going volunteer opportunities to serve low-income households threatened by food insecurity in Seattle. All Poseurs are welcome to be part of our volunteer crews for Roots or Pike Market Food Bank. 


We are so proud of what we have all built and continue to build together. We are so grateful to be in a community of people who are willing to do the brave work to confront what is hard and horrifying with discipline, devotion, and selfless service. Please come be a part of it Every Thursday, 6:15pm, All Levels Vinyasa, Give Whatever You Can Afford, All Bodies Welcome!!  Join our volunteer email list by signing up in class!