Dope Moments 2021! December 28 2020

Listen up! :) 

Dope Moments has ran weekly on Thursdays in support of social change for four amazing years now! We are so excited to continue to grow and nurture this program and starting this new year we will be offering a weekly sit in support the cause. 

" Listen up! " has been born out of the desire to practice the active integration feeling and connecting to the felt sense body during  the act listening as a key component in progressive social movements. Our intentions for this offering is

-To support/build community centering the intersection of social justice and embodiment/magic.

-To individually and collectively grow our resilience, discernment and our ability to tolerate the discomfort that comes when confronting injustice and harm. 
-To learn to listen with our whole Self. To feel the sense of listening in our body as a way to shift the collective way of being and relating to one another. 
- To nurture a community/culture that takes listening and feeling that listening seriously as the foundation of a transformational movement. 
Class will be structured with a 5 minute welcome and intention agreement, a 10-15 minute read of a piece of work from a social justice educator/artist/healer/radical/etc. followed by a 20 minute mindfulness inspired mediation focused on awareness of the body and breath. At the end of the sit participants will be offered to do a 2 minute share of their experience in regards to the group meditation and what they noticed in their practice (this share is totally optional and not required). 
This offering has no charge, any financial donations are asked to go directly to
You can donate directly on their websites. 
See you there!