DOPE MOMENTS September 29 2018

Hello Community! 


Starting this month we are going to rotate our Dope Moments charity quarterly instead of monthly! Proud to learn more about and supporting the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. 



KCSARC’s mission is to alleviate the trauma and suffering of survivors of sexual assault and their families and to change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence. They provide legal and emotional support for survivors and their families, they educate the public about sexual assault and bust common myths, they provide programming and talking points for parents and educators to teach young people about consent, and they work to improve the court experience and legal system for survivors. It goes without saying these days that sexual assault is incredibly common in our society, it affects all people regardless of their gender identity, expression or sexual orientation. It has been an inspiring and difficult year for survivors as so many allegations of abuse have surfaced in the media in great detail; which are often simultaneously empowering and re-traumatizing. We are very proud to support this charity working to heal people in our community who are suffering from sexual trauma. We will be raising money for KCSARC the rest of 2018. Thursdays at 6:15 pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford. Out of respect for survivors in our community, we will talk about the charity but will not share or encourage sharing experiences of sexual assault during these classes.