DOPE AUGUST July 30 2018

AID NW provides practical support for immigrants incarcerated at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma. For people still in detention, they provide phone cards so they can call love ones and help arrange visits from friends, families, and even volunteers to bring hope and let them know they are not alone. Once released from detention, AID NW provides, snacks, clothes, travel toiletries, and a safe space to call loved ones and arrange travel plans. They have a network of volunteers who provide rides, supplies and even housing. We are proud to support AID NW this month during Dope Moments; a local charity helping asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants right here, in the PNW. Join us and bring all your friends in August to support this important charity. Thursdays at 6:15pm. Dance Underground. All bodies, all levels welcome. Give whatever you can afford.
#familiesbelongtogether #nowall #abolishice #nomuslimbanever