Chakra Series this fall with Cindy! September 14 2019

Chakra Lit Witch - A Series

The dark season is for turning inward and grounding. Join Cindy on a scrumptious journey into the unseen realms of soma (the body). A yoga series for those who 1) simply want to feel more rooted in the body and/or 2) have curiosity about pragmatic yogic philosophy. Each class will be a well-rounded, all-levels, candle-lit yoga sequence that highlights one particular chakra at a time. NO yoga or chakra experience required!

WTF are chakras?
Chakras are described as vortexes of energy within the Vedic subtle-body system. The main seven chakras run along the spinal column, which also un-coincidentally is the main energetic channel for esoteric awakening—sashumna nadi. Kundalini is said to be a latent serpent energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and rises on the path to higher consciousness through sashumna nadi. Rather than using the analogy of cleaning a pipe, I liken chakra work to charging crystals in light. Asana (yoga postures) can be a tool for gathering the light of awareness into the body and cultivating profound felt-sense of the spine, thus igniting chakra fields and awakening kundalini energy. Studying chakra theory paired with consistent asana practice is a powerful inner resource—a magician hack—for anyone on a path of embodiment, self-healing and creative manifestation.

Let's gather in the warmth of community and candlelight
Come through for a jolly, #lit time this winter/fall
Community magic for ALL. Poseurs is love.

2nd & 4th Weds 6:30-7:45 PM at Amplifier Art Lab this Oct '19 — Jan ‘20
Oct 9 Muladhara / Root
Oct 23 Svadhishthana / Sacral
Nov 13 Manipura / Solar plexus
Nov 27 Anahata / Heart
Dec 11 Vishuddha / Throat
Jan 8 Ajna / Third eye
Jan 22 Sahasrara / Crown