BRETHWERK August 23 2017

Sometimes christmas comes a little early, and you get a magical treat dropped in the middle of your schedule. Dope Moments is always a great time, but this is a very unique practice and I am so excited to have Josephine share her knowledge with us! 

Here is a little of what she shared with us as to what to expect..

"The breath is your biggest healing superpower. It is with you every moment of your life. Every time we experience traumas (big and small), they imprint on our muscles and nervous system. We try and forget about these emotions by pushing them underground and disassociating from them. This might work for a while, but eventually, these buried emotions result in discomfort, disorders and dis-ease in the body. And no matter how much we want to ignore these nodes of trauma, they are there, doing quite a number on our well-being.  


Breathwork motivates this trapped energy to move out of you. Breathwork is a vehicle for working through and releasing stuck emotions that are blocking you from reaching your fullest expression of self. Pushing up against these emotions with the breath can be challenging, and that is why it is important engage in this work in a safe space with an experienced guide. If you are ready to regulate your emotions, become less reactive, reset your system (mind, body and soul), oh, and finally learn to RELAX, then breathwork is for you."