BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. July 03 2017


Benefit for the Family of Charleena Lyles

On June 18th, 30 year old Charleena Lyles, a Black woman, was shot and killed by a Seattle Police officer in her home, in front of her children. Despite attending multiple de-escalation trainings, the police officer was not wearing a taser, or pepper spray, which could have saved Ms. Lyles life. Ms. Lyles family reports that she struggled with mental illness. I think two things need to be said at this point A) black lives matter, and B) mental illness is incredibly common, nearly all of us will experience a bout of mental illness in our lives, but white Americans will most likely never get shot, by a police officer no less, because they are sick. Raising money for this family won’t bring her back to life, but it’s the least we can do as a community, to show our support and to stand with others in their struggle. This happened to one of our neighbors, because of unconscious and conscious racial bias and lack of mental health services. That is totally unacceptable, we can and should do better. #blacklivesmatter #sayhername



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Written By Kelly Gilmore