Black Infinity: Black Wisdom and Decolonizing the Divine April 03 2021

Black Infinity: Black Wisdom and Decolonizing the Divine

This series of workshops explores yogic philosophy while integrating lessons and wisdom from a Black woman’s process of decolonizing her mind. Chasity Jones Selenga, studying the intersection of spirituality and racism believes that yoga has the potential to address and heal the invisible influence of colonialism still present in our country and racial dynamics.

Sunday April 11th 4-6pmPST  "The Underbelly of Colonialism"

Reorienting ourselves to the realities of colonialism and the origin of the concept of race and racism. We will identify carry over effects/samskaras that still influence us and address them in the following weeks using the Patanjali’s 8 Limbed Path of

Sunday April 25th 4-6pmPST

"8 Limbed Path of Yoga as a vehicle to address and heal samkaras (yamas)"

The Yamas or restraints of the 8 Limbed Path will be paired with a Black woman’s
perspective while also teaching and giving participants the space to explore these
concepts through to the perspectives of the identities important to them.

June 27th  "8 Limbed Path of Yoga pt. 2 (niyamas)"

Using the Niyamas, we will explore how a Black woman interacts with herself
through her process of decolonization while empowering participants to engage the niyamas in their own process of decolonization.

July 11 "Decolonizing Sexuality and Relationships- Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga"

Exploring sacred sexuality through Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga, we use it to
decolonize our relationship to the erotic or sexual energy, transforming our
relationships with ourselves, lovers, and the divine.

Teacher Bio: Chasity is a new mom with a beautiful baby girl named Lola and is in the graduate degree program at Boston University School of Theology in their Master of Divinity program. Originally from Louisiana, she has a long interest in Black women’s health and began a yoga program in Seattle, plus has done something similar in Boston too. She became a Krista Colleague while a
Community Organizer at Faith Action Network in Seattle and in Global Ministries in the United Methodist Church, and is considering ordination.  While in Seattle, Chasity began practicing yoga as a form of self care during her own process of liberation and eventually became a yoga teachers when she graduated from the inaugural class of Practice School of Magic. She has recently launched Fourth Wave Revolution in an attempt to educate as well as decolonize!
The concept of race and racism is a direct result of colonization. Therefore, if we approach anti-racism work through a lens of decolonization, we are better equipped to dismantle white supremacy. For the last five years, she has done this through various ways: sermons, adult Sunday schools, workshops, individual and collective consulting, yoga and mindfulness, support groups, and more! It was her hope to one day give birth to a movement that would transform the way we engage in anti-oppression and anti-racism work while maintaining and in some cases self-recovery.

All are welcome!!! Please reach out with any questions. PWYC $20-$50 no one turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds go directly to Fourth Wave Revolution.