Alyssa is on a farm! Offering remote recordings for your pleasure! May 15 2020

Hey community! Our beloved teacher Alyssa is on a remote farm and the internet is a bit tricky out there. So for now, they are offering a pre-recorded class for playback on the Practice School of Magic YouTube account every Wednesday. There are also a bunch of older videos up there that you could explore. 

Its awesome that we are still finding ways to connect even in the distance. I hope the videos find you well!

Here is what Alyssa sent!




This is a recording of an 75m-long vinyasa offering with Poseurs. (Community Magic for ALL). The intention of this recorded class is to make guided practice accessible to those who may not be able to join a streamed class, or who find need of grounding movement-for-all that can be accessed at any time. You may want to pick a peaceful spot with relative open space- you can use a mat or the floor. If you have a moment, clean/ clear your space, and if you have at home props you use, grab them. Good stand ins for: Blocks: books, a sturdy water bottle or thermos, baking/mixing bowls turned up side down, nearby low coffee tables/stools/chairs Blankets/Bolsters: well, blankets, pillows, folded up bath towels, sweatshirts Straps: Scarves, socks, tshirts you don't mind stretching.

Poseurs is a donation based community- offerings are sliding scale $10-25- ALWAYS no one turned aways for lack of funds.

This offering is freely given, If you are in a position to financially support the community, please make a donation:

Venmo @practiceschoolofmagic


Cashapp- @alyssabackbends

I cherish the opportunity to serve the community remotely! Thank you for joining & sharing with those who are seeking.