ASK A YOGI!!! December 26 2015

We are so excited to introduce our newest contributor to our zine, Rachael Savage! Rachael is a trusted friend, teacher, and strong supporter of education in our community here in Seattle. 
Inspired by the student teacher relationship between Luke and Yoda in the film Star Wars, her spiritual quest and began at the age of 8. After over 20 years of studying at the feet of many masters and practicing various traditions of meditation and yoga, her mentors encouraged her to teach. Rooted in the philosophy of yoga, her intention is to guide and encourage others through the process of personal growth and empowerment that unfolds through the practice of yoga by creating supportive and welcoming classes that are both challenging and inspiring to body, mind, and spirit. With respect for all traditions she currently teaches Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Hot Yoga as well as meditation and yoga philosophy. She is still questing for knowledge and is often found with her nose in a book, off to a yoga workshop or meditation retreat. She can be found teaching yoga at The Vajra Workshops, The SweatBox, The Ashram, and Core Power Yoga. She is  also the owner of The Vajra on Capitol Hill serving Seattle for over 25 years. AND NOW SHE IS GOING TO WRITE FOR POSEURS!!! Her column is called "Ask a Yogi" and YOU can write in with any questions regarding yoga and she will personally answer them. We are so honored to have her contribution, support and enthusiasm added to our zine, and can't wait to see what you ask her. Please email with your inquiries and we will get you in print! NAMASTE!!!