YAMA #2 SATYA = truthfulness. 

The second yama on the list is completely dependent and born out of ahimsa. When we are coming from a place of non-violence, we are not reactionary. With freedom of fear and violence towards ourselves, we can (finally) hear our truth. How can you be truthful in who you are if you don't know your truth? So it is essential that we understand that these yamas are in order, and one leads to the next. 

In the sutras satya is defined as this- "To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient."

What this is saying is that when one establishes truthfulness, or is in alignment with their truth, they possess the power to attain what is in its likeness with out effort. Like attracts like right? The thing is though, that we compromise our truth constantly, and this creates chaos. So again- we have to go back to ahimsa- and remember that there is nothing to fear. To live our truth and to speak our truth is our right. It is our right to just BE ourselves. 

Satya and ahimsa are the structure and foundation in how we communicate- which inevitably has everything to do with how we experience this world. To come from a place of clear, honest and appropriate communication we are serving ourselves and this world greatly. 

I would also like to just talk about satya as "honesty". Satya means your honest truth, it doesn't always mean to "tell the truth". Like for instance, it serves no one for us to gossip about a person if we hear someone else expressing a truth about them we don't believe is real. If the honesty feeds the drama in a petty way, its not satya and goes against ahimsa. Being a tattle tale is not what its about. 

Satya also deals a lot with follow through. If you use your words to express something about your truth such as a need or a goal- have follow through. Be clear. It reminds us not to be a talky talky person that doesn't actually uphold their word. Live it, otherwise it is not your truth. 

From my studies what I really take from this yama is when your mind and your word match, satya is achieved- we communicate clearly and show follow through and reliability. 

How can we practice satya today? Have you ever been in a situation where you just went along with what everyone else was saying- or got really worked up about some drama that is someone else's? Have you ever thought one thing but said something else? Have you ever done something while thinking "I shouldn't be doing this..."? We all have. Its not about judgement, its about awareness. Can you admit when you are wrong? Or tell the truth even when you know it has consequences? This is the practice of satya. 

Your word is your wand. :)  BE YOURSELF.