TALKING STORIES. August 19 2014

Hey Poseurs! Issue #6 is in the works. Don't hesitate, if you want to write, do it. Poseurs is a place to give your practice a voice, weird, I know as the practice is so internal, and sometimes there aren't really words for that- but if you have anything you would like to share, please share it with us. Check our facebook page to see lots of past articles and you will see this is not some intimidating "I have to be a writer" to do it type of thing. Its like when people say "I can't do yoga cause I am not flexible." That's not the point.

There are so many types of yoga, so many teachers, so many postures, so many breathing techniques, so much philosophy, and so much off the mat itself where yoga happens- tell us about it, your experience, your inspirations, your revelations, your ideas.

Deadline is always the 1st of the month. Please email your text and we will take care of the rest.