DOPE OCTOBER 2017 October 02 2017

This month we are raising money for The People's Harm Reduction Alliance, aka The University District Needle Exchange. PHRA is a volunteer/drug user run harm reduction program that has roots in the very first needle exchange program in the US (which started in Tacoma!). They provide empowering, non-judgmental services to anyone who needs them. I have had the great pleasure to volunteer with them a bit over the years and it is a really inspiring place, where people who use drugs are treated, you know, like actual human beings; treated with respect. The stigma of drug use in our culture cannot be overstated, it causes people deep psychological and physical harm on top of the substance abuse disorder they are already struggling with. I can think of one example where a woman with a severe wound infection on her leg said she would rather loose that leg than seek care at Harborview Medical Center because of the way she is treated there. Her story is not uncommon. PHRA's motto is " where love meets the streets", and it really is. Beyond giving out syringes, crack pipes, and supplies, they also provide Hepatitis C testing, wound care, Narcan (the medication that saves people from overdosing) referrals for substance abuse treatment, political advocacy on behalf of their clients, and they are in the beginning stages of creating a safe injection site. They provide a place for some of the most marginalized people in our city to build community, feel empowered to volunteer (drug users literally run their own syringe exchange), get treatment if wanted. But in my mind, the most powerful aspect of PHRA's work, is just simply providing a space where people feel loved, respected, and accepted for who they are and where they are. DopeMoments is thrilled to be supporting this amazing, super local organization, that practices Ahimsa (non-harming) and Aparigraha (non-grasping) in a big way every day. Namaste. 

Tuesdays noon class is now at Dance Underground! October 02 2017

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BRETHWERK August 23 2017

Sometimes christmas comes a little early, and you get a magical treat dropped in the middle of your schedule. Dope Moments is always a great time, but this is a very unique practice and I am so excited to have Josephine share her knowledge with us! 

Here is a little of what she shared with us as to what to expect..

"The breath is your biggest healing superpower. It is with you every moment of your life. Every time we experience traumas (big and small), they imprint on our muscles and nervous system. We try and forget about these emotions by pushing them underground and disassociating from them. This might work for a while, but eventually, these buried emotions result in discomfort, disorders and dis-ease in the body. And no matter how much we want to ignore these nodes of trauma, they are there, doing quite a number on our well-being.  


Breathwork motivates this trapped energy to move out of you. Breathwork is a vehicle for working through and releasing stuck emotions that are blocking you from reaching your fullest expression of self. Pushing up against these emotions with the breath can be challenging, and that is why it is important engage in this work in a safe space with an experienced guide. If you are ready to regulate your emotions, become less reactive, reset your system (mind, body and soul), oh, and finally learn to RELAX, then breathwork is for you."




Lambert House

For 35 years this drop-in center for LGBTQ youth has been doing great work, just two blocks from the Dance Underground! Lambert House is a Capitol Hill landmark; an essential part of our community, but IT IS SO MUCH MORE than that. They have over 20 on-going programs and resources, everything from counseling and support groups to job skills training, community meals, field trips, and youth-led activities. They provide case management and mentorship, art and dance classes. Youth at Lambert House even give back, volunteering in the community, the list goes on and on and on. Their mission is to empower LGBTQ youth through the development of leadership, social, and life skills. They literally build and suistain community for LGBTQ youth who may not get that at home or school, and in an increasingly unsafe environment for LGBTQ people across the country. Lambert House has been in this location for TWENTY SIX YEARS, and last year they found out that their home may be in danger. They are currently raising money to either move to another location, or renovate their existing one depending on what shakes out with the developer. Either way, these young people deserve better than this crap country they have inherited, and they sure as hell deserve better than getting priced out of the neighborhood. We are so proud to raise money for them this month and double down on our commitment to support LGTBQ youth in our community. The future is brown and queer and we fucking like it that way. Namaste.

BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. July 03 2017


Benefit for the Family of Charleena Lyles

On June 18th, 30 year old Charleena Lyles, a Black woman, was shot and killed by a Seattle Police officer in her home, in front of her children. Despite attending multiple de-escalation trainings, the police officer was not wearing a taser, or pepper spray, which could have saved Ms. Lyles life. Ms. Lyles family reports that she struggled with mental illness. I think two things need to be said at this point A) black lives matter, and B) mental illness is incredibly common, nearly all of us will experience a bout of mental illness in our lives, but white Americans will most likely never get shot, by a police officer no less, because they are sick. Raising money for this family won’t bring her back to life, but it’s the least we can do as a community, to show our support and to stand with others in their struggle. This happened to one of our neighbors, because of unconscious and conscious racial bias and lack of mental health services. That is totally unacceptable, we can and should do better. #blacklivesmatter #sayhername



July Teacher Schedule


7/6/2017 Emily Denton
7/13/2017 Miranda Rojas
7/20/2017 Kelly Gilmore
7/27/2017 Jeff Kennedy


Written By Kelly Gilmore


If you missed the last few issues, no fear! We have restocked a few of these FULL COLOR yoga weird zines for you to snag up! Proceeds to to funding our community donation based yoga classes. Check the shop! Namaste!


Wow! Our friend Brodus killed it AGAIN on this awesome mixtape. Enjoy it! From his heart to yours. 
"I designed the mixtape to serve as the soundtrack to document the inner space voyage each one of us takes on the mat. As we blast off and leave our worlds behind we become explorers of our inner universe, severing the realms of identity and desire, floating weightless, calling, calling home."
-Brodus Elder Caffall III
Download it here for free! Namaste!